Media Headers


New Member
In this weeks update, I am introducing a completely new way for you to browse PureFun.

Now, above any media page on PureFun, you will see a new header, which easily links to all of that item's relevant info, such as reviews and information. Also, the trackboxes ("own", "want", "track", "mediasig") and ratings systems have also been integrated into this new header. To see it for yourself, just visit any review or item and look toward the top of the page. (Here's an example.)

In addition, we have some great features on the way, like user-submitted news and trailers for games and movies. In the mean time, keep contributing! It only takes a few seconds to add something new to PureFun, and it adds to our growing database of information for the masses.
UPDATE: There was also a bug where you could not properly save the rating when you rated an item. This has been resolved.