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Tribe of Judah Members,

This is SirThom, the Co-Leader of the Medal of Honor chapter, informing you of important news about the chapter.

A get-together has been scheduled for next Friday, October 22nd, 2004, at 9PM Eastern. The match will be open to the public, and only stock maps will be used. There are also a few map fixes, plus a swear filter just in case :)

You can join the game by entering or into your game. At any time, either Sir_Ryan or myself will be there to moderate.

Hopefully this will spark some activity in the server and the chapter as a whole, and I hope to see you all there!

For free? As in pirated?
I'll play it by ear whether I can make it. That's not a very good time for me. Especially on a Friday night. It ends up being 6PM my time.
Ouchie...sorry about that SSquared. Perhaps you can make it at a later time. Depending on activity, it might be a long get-together

EDIT: Oh, and make sure you're all wearing your official tag, [] !!
[b said:
Quote[/b] (ByblosHex @ Oct. 15 2004,6:20)]Ill be there if I get the game for free by then.
From the way you said that, it sounded like you were pirating it...that's all


I thought you made a public notice saying that you were leaving CGA.....welcome back I suppose

Ack! Don't bring that up J!

lol I think he's welcome back if he wants to stay

Rizz was (and me too
) just kind of upset for the reasons of him wanting to leave, that's all (I think).

Welcome back Byblos.