List of WoW acronyms ... add yours ...


Cities are typically represented in two letter abbrev., such as:
IF - IronForge
SW - StormWind
MH - Mithril Harbor
RR - RedRidge
BB - Booty Bay

Add: Any additional mob entering the fight apart from the one you are already fighting.

AE: Area Effect. An action that effects all mobs or allies within a certain area.

Aggro: Anger, agression. The amount the target hates you or others. In WoW, monsters will attack those who have the most "aggro". This also helps determine how far a "mob" will chase you.

Alt: An alternate character. ("I tried alchemy with my alt but didn't really like it.")

AH: Auction House

AoE: Area of Effect. See "AE".

BMT: Backup Main Tank. See "MTB", "ST".

Boss: An especially powerful mob, often found at the end of quests or dungeons.

Buff: Temporary beneficial spells (not heals).

Bug: An unintentional defect in game code.

C: Copper. Copper is the lowest form of currency in WoW, with no smaller denomination.

CC: Crowd control or Camp Clear, depending on usage.

Calm: To stop a mob from attacking, using spells or abilities. See "Mez".

Camp: To wait for a mob (or plant, etc.) to spawn.

Class: A fundamental type of character, signifying a particular profession or role. WoW classes include: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.

DD: Direct Damage. The opposite of DoT's in that all damage is immediate.

DoT/Dotting: Damage over Time (ie spells that have a lasting damage affect over time).

DPM: Damage per minute.

DPS: Damage per second, a common way to weigh weapon/spell damage.

Exp: Experience points.

G: Gold. 1 gold is equal to 100 silver.

Guild: An organization of characters within the game world. Also known as a clan. World of Warcraft has three ranks within a guild - member, veteran, and officer.

Healthstone: Common name for the Warlock spell "Bloodstone".

HoT: Heal over Time (example: food heals over a period of time rather than all at once).

HP: Hit Points, the amount of life your character has.

Kite/Kiting: Kiting is when you damage something, then run away until your spell/ability refreshes. Then you stop when you are max range and cast it again and you keep doing this until what you are fighting is dead.

LFG: Looking for group.

LU: Level up.

LVL: Level.

MA: Main Assist. Tells the party which mob to focus on killing.

Mez: Shorhand for "mesmerize". To stop a mob from attacking. See "Calm".

Mob: "mobile object", mostly enemies, or other NPCs.

MP: Mana Points, the amount of mana your character has.

MTB: Main Tank Backup. See "BMT", "ST".

NP: "No Problem"

NPC: Non-player character. A character not controlled by a human player.

OC: Online Community.

OMW: "On my way"

Party: A group of players that take on quests and kill monsters together.

PC: Player character. One that is controlled by a human player. May also be "Price Check".

Powering: A type of playing that involves gaining the most XP possible as quick as possible, which gains levels as fast as possible. Also known as "power leveling".

Power Leveling: A type of playing that involves gaining the most XP possible as quick as possible, which gains levels as fast as possible. Also known as "powering".

PP: Party please.

Proc: An effect that is triggered by attacking with the proccing weapon (ie, extra damage, buff, etc.). From 'Process of action'.

Pull: Refers to a player grabbing a mob to engage. Allows the person or party to take on mobs with as few adds as possible.

PvE: Player versus Environment, meaning a human player fighting NPC's (mobs).

PvP: Player versus Player, meaning 2 or more human players fight each other.

PST: Please send tell (message, whisper).

Raid: A gathering of several groups/players that join up to attack a particularly difficult target.

Rat: Generic term for the lowest level mobs, generally creatures that are about as threatening as a rat :)

Rez: Resurrecting. Come/bring back to life.

Root/Rooting: To hold the enemy in place; to make the enemy unable to move. Derived from "rooting someone/something to the ground".

S: Silver. 1 silver is equal to 100 copper.

Spawn: To appear in the game.

ST: Second tank.

Tank: A character who fights in the front line of battle, taking most of the damage and keeping aggro on him.

Train: When too many mobs are pulled at once, forcing a PC to zone to safety (creating a line or "train" of mobs behind him).

Twink: Giving a new character money and/or items earned by an older one, making advancement easier.

WTB: "Wanting To Buy".

WTS: "Wanting To Sell".

WTT: "Wanting to Trade".

XP: Experience Points. See "Exp".

YW: "You're welcome"

Zone: Refers to the different areas within the game.

Please add others and I'll amend this list.
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Various Horde city and towns:
OG: Orgrimmar
UC: Undercity
TB: Thunderbluff
XR: Crossroads

Grats: Congrats. Commonly used when a party member gains a level, or gets phat lewt.
Sheep, Poly: Turning a humanoid or beast mob into a sheep to prevent it from attacking. See also Mez.
Wipe: Your entire party dying. This often happens when your tank and priest say "Sec, afk", and then you pull 5 level 61 elites anyway.
More cryms

I can't believe you guys missed this one:

TY: thank you

also these ones:

SaT: send a tell, a whisper message.
nrb: Need re-buff
some new ones I picked up:

FTW: For the win. An expression of success or leetness. For example, when I solo a level 51 Elite dragon and win, I would say "FTW!"
Drops: The loot that falls off slain mobs.
BRT: Be right there.
BIO: Not entirely sure what this stands for, but it means "have to use the washroom". For example, "brb bio".
Nerf: To make something weaker or easier. Usually used in relation to a class' abilities. Example, "Warriors sure got the nerf bat in the last patch."
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A few I will be using, cheesy I know but hey, whatever works.
TCBY - Think Christ Beyond Yourself. A gentle reminder and play on words I use for myself to remind me Christ is the focus, not me.
GBU - God Bless You
GMAC - God Made All Children, usually in response to some idiot reminding myself that God made even people like that.
POOF - Power Of Our Father, I usually say that when someone gets frustrated
COG - Child of God, a word of encouragement
and finally
COG, IBC - Child of God, Idiot By Choice - hey we all see them. God made them as his own, they just decided on their own to be Idiots.