LF Peeps to Run Some Heroics (12/20)


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Hello Everyone,

I'm LF a healy type and some DPS to run a few heroics tonight. 329 Avg iLvl is adequate, CC is a must. :D

I've been in several heroics at this point, and boss encounters are definitely more sophisticated and punishing (for mistakes, improper technique). They'll get easier as we get geared up, but a nice challenge at this point.

I have a Guild Event sign-up on today's calendar if you are interested.
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i'd love to go but you are starting the runs too late. i'm usually sleeping by 7pm ST (10pm my time).
i can try to be there, have done a number of them now but all as a tank, learned a number of valuable lessons the last few days.
I've done: SFK, VP, Lost City & Grim.

Just based on mechanics, I'd say grim is the toughest so far along with the 3rd boss in SFK. VP was the easiest. (In every group I was in with all the variables of knowledge, gear ect)
VP no wipes; SFK 5 on the 3rd boss; Grim 10 on 3rd boss, 3 on 2nd; Lost City 1 wipe. If you want your first taste I'd say of those mentioned VP (Vortex Pinnacle)

Bring your A game... (attitude & gear).

Personally I'd take pots/cheap potions at least/food buffs. Get your gear enchanted. (You can get shoulders/head later, but everything else that can be should be, before you enter heroics) Without a certain lvl of gear (dps etc) some bosses are not doable. (last boss in Grim) Just because you can get in via DF with 329GR doesn't mean you are going to win.. W/e the gear though some fail is ahead.. (euphemistically called practice)

3rd boss in Grim was a nightmare. We wiped 10 times.. skipped it. Not enough dps nor mechanical skillz (from some) to get it done. Many of these fights require lots of mobility.
As for CC, it's used, more so in some instances then others (At gear lvl anyways) but it's not needed for every pull.

Heroics are fun again and not just because they are new.
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There challanging for sure, did one the other day where we wiped at least 7-8 times on one boss and about 4 times on the last one. Great group though (One other forgiven, Phil, the rest a pug) as everyone stuck it out and the group stayed together till the end. Which is good because even when your wiping you learning the fight and I can say everyone from that group has a great understanding of that instance and how it works hehe :)
Going Again

Running again tonight - 12/27. Looking to knock out a couple heroics.

Sign-up via the in-game calendar. Yes, the new heroics are a challenge. :D