Legion Reorganization?


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I was just thinking maybe we could reorganize the legion a bit?
I know some people still play casually, but majority of the players have moved onto another game.

So I was thinking, maybe we could "clean up" the legion a bit, and possibly start to recruit people in game again.

Another idea is that for those who are 100% done with this game, maybe they can contribute their resources to the legion, or to the new members/players as an aid.

Just some thoughts...
nothing wrong with the idea its that yo would have to go by the charter of toj
and one hurdle to overcome would be to get the current bg to give you bg or
someone willing to take command
i think this was brought up before
I would be willing to take the position..at least for now, since I'm usually the only one in game...
My brother and Tina are also playing with me.

Not sure who I should talk to for this suggestion though
You could send a PM to Andrew and see if he'll turn over the BG slot. Another solution would be to create a whole new non-ToJ Legion. Then you would have more freedom to recruit in game.

I'm still playing SWTOR each evening. By the time I get tired of SWTOR, GW2 should be out, so I don't think I'll be playing Aion much, if at all.
Hey, welcome back! I haven't played in two or three months. I had to reinstall Windows after my HD crashed and haven't put Aion back on.

Nathan was playing Aion but I'm not sure what his status is now. You could PM Nathan (UXZero) or Andrew (one2dredd) and see if they can get on to give you an invite.
Haven't seen anybody. I'm sticking to being an occasional player. Can't let it grab me up again like it did last time. =\