Larry Norman


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I just wanted to say that I think Larry Norman is brilliant. I wish I had some extra money because for the longest time, I've been meaning to order his trilogy CD's (the cool old albums) from his Web site. He has a bad heart condition that has really slowed him down and threatened his life. So although I could save a few bucks by purchasing his CD's somewhere else, I want to buy them from him directly. He's just an amazing Christian music figurehead. I heard a cool story that someone told at a Jesus music forum once. Larry Norman, back in the day, was cool enough to come out and say hi to some people standing in line at one of his shows. And some guy started hassling him because he had some secular music artists buttons on his lapel. (think: John Lennon, etc.) In response Larry Norman said, "Oh this. This is my prayer list." Larry Norman is so cool and his music is cool too. If you haven't heard of him, check his stuff out. I've heard people say that he started CCM. He invented it, right? :D
I grew up on Larry Norman... recently I've been wishing I could grab some of his old albums. Songs like "Reader's Digest" and "Why don't you look into Jesus" were great.