There was a post about KotFE updates to the cartel market, but I can't find it. Lots of new stuff including an unlock to pick a random speeder and a random pet. So now I don't have to fill two hot bars with speeders and pets. ;)
I'm not down on KotFE (because I don't follow it) but every time I see a new Star Wars thing my brain expects it to be called SWTFC otherwise known as Star Wars: The Franchise Continues :p .

I hope KotFE turns out fun for you guys though.
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So, not sure about buying KotFE any time soon due to expenses of life, but! Definitely got the game installed and updated. Still on Begeren Colony, I assume?
KotFE doesn't cost anything. If you subscribe after the 26th you get all the x-packs including KotFE. Naturally you do have to pay for a sub which I guess I will be dropping soon for financial reasons too... :(
I paid for Hutt Cartel, so I assumed a price would be paid here. Happy to be wrong.
Yeah, interesting idea. HotHC and SoR both came with a price tag. They were also about two years apart and there were smaller x-packs that came in a little later (Oricron and Yavin IV). This was dropped less than a year later, no charge and is scheduled to continue for at least a year (you get chapters 1-9 now, around Christmas 9-?? will drop then sometime in Feb the next set of chapters if I remember correctly).

Oh and if interested, I believe if you sub up after Oct 26 you do get one free level 60. You can buy tokens to get a level 60 from the cartel market if you can Cartel coins to burn. I don't know how much, I haven't looked. Getting from Level 55 to 60 is pretty easy tho.