Kotaku: EA Combines Mythic And BioWare Into A Giant RPG Robot


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So in effect, EA has handed the reins of Mythic over to BioWare, blurring the lines between the two entities by organizing them under one group. It's sad to see Mark Jacobs go, as he was a major contributor to the success of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, but it should be very interesting to see what direction WAR travels in now that Dr. Ray is at the helm.
Source: EA Combines Mythic And BioWare Into A Giant RPG Robot
I'm hoping this will somehow result in the growth of WAR's player base. I've read a few articles about WAR's population decline, which makes me sad because I have <3 for Mythic dating back to the days of the Dark Age of Camelot beta.
if bioware can incorporate its rpg ideas into pve then it might pull some pve folks over. I think people just have the misconception the war is all about ganking and making you feel bad when you loose. (thats what i felt in WOW imo) but with warhammer and daoc its about realm pride when you get killed in the battlefield its ok just as long as your realm wins. :)
I am sad to see Mark Jacobs go... DAoC was a ridiculous success of an MMO if you ask me.
Maintenance Mode is on the horizon for WAR it seems :(


Quote from the article:
BioWare has told Eurogamer that Mythic Entertainment will "without a doubt" help out on Star Wars: The Old Republic, as there are "absolutely opportunities to share and learn" within the newly formed RPG/MMO group.

As for BioWare helping Warhammer Online, however, co-founder Greg Zeschuk is not so sure.