KOT Revival 2005


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Well we want to give thanks to The Lord God Almighty for putting this burden on our hearts. I have un-stickyed the Introductions thread and Guild ranks and some other threads. They still exist and will be searchable. They will not be removed. But In 2005 I felt the need to have more up to date information and breathe some life in to the Church of KoT.

I think we will be changing the ranks to better handle the Guild. Introductions will be restarted. I ask anyone who has posted there to send me a brief uleology about themselves. Also if you were an officer or GM let me know. I would like to honor and bless you on the website. If you severed for any length of time in KoT email me so I may honor you properly.

If you want you may email me and honor anyone you served with in the Guild. I plan on making a Wall of Honor (Or something similar) on the site to honor all those who came to Honor and Bless God in Camelot, (And bless each other)

For every end there is a beginning, for every death, somewhere some how life is reborn or born. Gods presence never left that Church or the guild house. You; The Knights of the Trinity; Take it with you where ever you go and to whomever you serve you bring the Glory of The Lord Jesus Christ with you. You were and still are a People of Presence. The Spirit of the Lord goes before you. Know that in your heart and your everyday dealings.

God bless you and thank you for your service. There will always be a place of Honor for every Knight.


I just want to give you a little encouragement my friend. You may end up putting a lot of effort in getting this guild going. But you may end up with few members and small support to start with. Don't let this discourage you as the Knights of the Trinity is small. Once you and your small band get started again, then, with God's guidance and your light, the Trinity will start to grow again. You'll make new friends and attract new hearts. Some will come and some will go. Just remain steady in your efforts, waivering not. And your efforts will come to fruition. So hang in there!


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MA: If you can send a reminder e-mail to me at tek7 AT toj DOT cc, I'll dig up a sample Tribe of Judah recruiting post so you can hit some forums and try to bring in new members. I don't know which DAoC forums are still around and popular, but I can dig through my old recruiting links and try to find a few starting points for your recruiting.