*knock knock* Is this mic on? (Hello all!)


on to something new...
Hello everyone!

Had the amazing honor, blessing and joy of getting to meet Hescomingsoon today and he let me know that this community was still around. I hope this finds everyone blessed beyond anything that can be imagined.

To say a lot has happened since I’ve been here would be an understatement…
I’m no longer a Pastor but I’m still devoted to Jesus; He’s just got me doing different types of ministry.
My bride (Priceless3110) & I celebrated 25 years of marriage.
I now hold the title of survivor (from prostate cancer).
We now reside in beautiful Tennessee.
And I’m a data analyst for a nationwide company.

There’s more of course but I’m pretty sure I hear Tek7 snoring in the back. ❤️

I recently took up CSSource again and joined FGA. Hopefully I may see some of you all.

May God bless each and every one of you and of course, Merry Christmas!!!
great to meet you IRL. had not idea you lived jsut aobut around the corner from my mom...:) great to meet your entier family!!!!
There’s more of course but I’m pretty sure I hear Tek7 snoring in the back. ❤️
Don't take it personally. I'm just perpetually tired now that I have 3 kids. :3

Welcome back, good sir! Hard to believe it's been *checks post history* 14 years, but it's moments like these that make me so glad we've kept the lights on all this time.

Most of the day-to-day activity takes place on our Discord server now (if you're not familiar with Discord, imagine if IRC and TeamSpeak had a baby and then hired a PR firm to make the baby shine), but I and at least a few others still keep watch on our forums.