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Knights of the Trinity Rock Avalon Isle (On Lamorak Server)

MontrezAnthony said:
(From the KOT boards)

7/25/05 KOT switched Servers: NOW located Lamorak

Due to demand and curiosity the Knights of the Trinity are re locating to Lamorak classic server. We still have chars on Percival, but we will be adventuring in Lamorak for a while. Please join us; we could always use more friends who enjoy the company and fellowship Christians, We miss old faces and welcome new ones!

If you a have any question find me in game or PM me or email me thru my or Mythran's avatar's link!

Thanks and happy crusading!

Well we went to a classic server and yesterday afternoon I IM'd Myth and we posted a call to set the Guild up on the new classic server, is was a fun turn out

Jazminza ( I know how Cool Right?)
(Myths Little Brother) Forgive me I can not remember his name atm

So KOT is now located on Lamorak as well! And we are seeing old friends more and more on the boards. So we are solely breathing new breathe into the Knights. Many that’s to Myth and everyone else who made it possible.

Myth Took us on an adventure of fun and frolic into the wilds of Avalon Isle, Dawife Killed me, and myth trained a few folks, I gained 2 levels and I believe everyone leveled. Even the infamous Old Guild Master Jazmina was there! (WOOT! WB) and helped out and got some experience under her belt.

We searched under some rocks on Avalon Isle for some other Odale and Icthus, Rumor had it Chivah took to lounging on the beaches, but have gutting a few Apple gathers things, we saw not proof of this story, but we will continue to search.

We have Beloved doing some recruiting on the TOJ boards, and We have given the rank of 2 to all the founding members. (Please see KOT Ranks thread) This will allow you to invite and add to our knighthood. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

May The Lord be praised and reflected by us always!
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Well, we did fight Undead Apple Gatherers...and some drakoran's...but everyone complained that I led them directly into a death trap ... y'all only died a few (hundred) times...but everyone (almost) leveled...I did..but bot did not...another 3 1/2 bubs tonight for that one! :)
Has the leveling time sped up?

Since I have been playing WoW, I am pretty sure I cannot handle weeks to level a toon.
Sorry I didn't make it, guys. Sounded like you had a lot of fun. I thought about it about 10 PM EST and tried to get on...but, of course, the server was full. Maybe I can join you all sometime soon. I'm definitely glad to see that Jazmina is back...whoot!
Yep I got to stand there in the sun and witness the guild exterminate baddies quite easily. I even got my first 5 levels free...good thing to cause i'm more of a newb now then I ever was heh.
jazmina said:
Yep I got to stand there in the sun and witness the guild exterminate baddies quite easily. I even got my first 5 levels free...good thing to cause i'm more of a newb now then I ever was heh.

me too!!! WOOT we need a support group.
Icky I have level 19 in 8 days and thats a lot to do with grouping with Myth. For me this is going lots faster then wow and at least theres some people willing to group and play regardless of level or abilities. Just my 2 cents.
Myth Power Levels all who will ask, in fact in one of his last posts he made it clear, don't ask, just come to him. His servant like attitude and his dedication to the game and The Knights have impressed a lot of us. He and his bride have always dedicated the time and resources for the betterment of the guild.
I finally got on the server last my character created (I'm under a different name, now...because it fits my character better...don't remember the name, though)...then my computer just powered off :(.

I think it's the power supply, so I'm going to buy a new one and install it. Maybe I'll see you guys on sometime, soon. Though I'm going out of town for most of the week. I don't want to get behind. If you're all leveling so well together, I want in on it :)

Take care all...and hope to see you, soon.

Well, I am level 33 now (my necro Mythros and bot Mythlin). Can finally do the level 40+ aurulite dungeons (lol, I can kill level 42's...) Anywho, told ya not to give me a big head...

Any are welcome to join me on my xp adventures. I can't take too many with me on my Aurulite runs until I get to 40+ but I will stop Aurulite hunting and go xp hunting if I see y'all on and more than 1 wants to go with me. I need to level so either Aurulite or XP is fine with me.

My wife, Ansley, is a paladin...once again...but this time, SHE IS SWORD/SHIELD! 3 w00ts for her ;)