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I made a very obvious change to my keyboard set up and I think it improves gameplay a lot. I swapped the strafe and turn keys for a more traditional set up and it works so much better. Especially if you pair it with Ewok's targeting system. I hardly use strafe at all. I can imagine it being useful for ranged DPS in PVP but for melee I'm finding no use for it at all. I recommend this change to everyone.

Also because I find strafe completely useless I'm testing taking it further and making it a modifier/key combo. That frees up q and r for more useful tasks. I've got q set to the 7th power slot which would normally be hard to press and put my "panic" skill there. The interact key Z has been swapped with E. Basically I've configured all my games to work in similar fashion (TF2, L4D and HL2). Run/R has been swapped with traveling power/T and I've removed Run/R completely as it was annoying to bump and the middle mouse button serves the same function.

In addition pressing f12 will also allow you to modify the UI. Moving both your hp and target hp to center below your character helps IMO.
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I moved block to Q as it was a pain in the rear to press. It doesn't require me to shift my hand from blocking to accessing my powers. I think I wore out my shift key as it doesn't always recognize the press anymore :\

The other one was moving the secondary travel power to Y. I have a preorder item that lets me hover in place, which is nice for pvp and avoiding ground aggro when fighting bosses. But it doesn't replace teleport at all except for those certain citations and pressing alt + T is annoying.