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I update the wowwiki page For Terenas US and Was updating the guild websites. I was checking websites and removing the inactive guilds to get ready to add more and update existing sites for the Webpage. I found out this guild listed as a casual Social guild. I was actually impressed to see this guild on Terenas, a Christian social guild. Not many of those are found in WOW anymore and just wanted to say I'm glad to see a good Community guild around.

I myself am Guild Master of a Guild on Terenas and me and my wife run it. Its been through a lot of drama, and since bot me and my wife are Christians ourselves, We wanted to say hello and Nice to know a guild that has been running as long as we have yet never met :p

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PS - CHeck out the Wowwiki sometime WowWiki: Terenas US


Awesome, glad to connect. Find us online and we'll fire you off our TeamSpeak info to come and hang in channel. It is great to not only meet other believers but to have them influencing others through their leadership.

Neirai the Forgiven

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Hi, JCarrillo! I know we've never formally met before, but I'm very familiar with your name, having seen it many times in the past 3-4 years that I've been playing on Terenas. Thanks for taking the time to update the WoWwiki page.

If you would like more up-to-date information on raid progression for guilds that are members of the alliance Small Guilds Association, their website is found at www.alliancesga.com, and raid progress can be found by accessing a drop-down menu on the bar across the top of the screen. I hope it's been updated for wrath, but it should be.


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I wanted to resurrect this thread and let CGA know, that I am still around. I have been busy with RL, my faith, and WoW when I have time.

A little history update, My wife and I still play, we reformed our guild in wotlk to Heroes of Terenas since back then name changes were non-existent. I have MoP while she is still exploring Cataclysm, I'm sure she will wonder into Pandaria in the upcoming weeks around a certain Birthday we all celebrate :p

I do not update wowwiki anymore, but I have picked up WoWpedia's wiki instead.

I wanted to see if there is a way to list my World of Warcraft guild that's led by Christians, but do not require a profession of Christian faith to join. can i still do that here?


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Perhaps posting the same request in the general discussion segment of the cga rather than specifically under The Forgiven would get you an answer to that question. I'm not sure what criteria needs to be met to be listed under the Christian Gamers Alliance. Nice to see that you're still around :) and tell your wife that the wife of The Forgiven's GM thinks that MoP is an excellent expansion, well worth playing!!

Neirai the Forgiven

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The criteria is actually that I have to get off my lazy (read: tired, it's early) backside and do it.

Jcarrillo, I keep running into you in the Lazy Turnip and the Shrine of the Seven Stars. I'll say hi next time :)