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Well to start it off if you like listining to music online radio christianrock.net awesome place or if your like me u somthing faster ;) christian-hiphop.net my personal favorite or christian-hardrock.net bman says its not hard pffffft. And i found this cool group ApligetX there the christian rock weird al they did a sweet revision of a LP song. Head over to dctalksolo.com for a link to a place to vote on ccm awards come people. Pick up Toby Macs new cd at any music store if they dont have it they dont have music. Its a must have doesnt matter what kind of music you got. Also pick Toby Macs other cds momentum and the remix both awesome. The WOW 2005 has been released. WOW is a good thing to buy if you havnt checked out any of the years yet also pick up X 2004 and 2005 when it comes out and what your email again Thom i got some hot cds that gonna need reviews and previews and some im getting saturday
have a good day. sry for the randomness
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Quote[/b] (TheJfreak @ Oct. 16 2004,10:22)]sry for the randomness
Jeez, I guess ;) lol

Sure...a review of some of those would be pretty neat....give send me an email and we can iron out the details. My address is tom AT pure-fun DOT com

I was suprised at how diverse WOW 2005 was when I looked at that...from Kutless to Pillar and Selah to Mark Schultz.
last year was boring i hope they will bring in the rock hehe sry bout the randomness again its a habit Kutless newest (which i have) is awesome its a good debut album from there first one which is awesome to speacialy your touch and vow
I personally thought that the first Kutless CD was too.....

I dunno...I think their second CD is much better.
I have both Kutless CDs, and of the 2, the 2nd takes the cake easily. The only song i really like on the first album was 'Run'. The rest seemed too much Creedish, but I don't know, maybe it's just me.
I don't like tobymac (it gets old fast), and I don't like ApoligetiX, they're just not very funny even though they're suposed to be the "Christian Weird Al". WOW has always been mainly pop, tis kinda surprising to hear that they have Kutless and Pillar on there this year (although I wouldn't buy it just for that). The CD I'm excited about right now is Relient K's mmhmm www.mmhmm.com check it out! RK are one of the bands that got me into music, and mmhmm sounds like it is their best CD yet (it'll have to top Anatomy of Tounge in Cheek though, which is no small feat)! But yeah, I mostly prefer bands that nobody has probably heard of, they're usually better than the ones that are topping the charts.