June Update


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We have a bunch of stuff going on for the month of June!

First, I encourage you to check our a new game: The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker here at PureFun. It's a game developed by a Christian organization, Rebel Planet Creations, who has also has Rebel Planet: Orion in development. Check out Axys Adventures, try the demo, and support this great Christian organization if you enjoy the game.

Next, for the entire month of June, we are doubling the amount of points being dished out at PureFun. For example, if you add a new item, you'll now earn a cool 60 points instead of the usual 30. And this goes for everything you can get points for. View the updated points breakdown on this page. Grab the points while you can!

We're also running another special on ad campaigns. We are lowering our prices to ten cents per day in order to help offset some of our server costs. If you're interested in placing an ad, just check out our Advertise page.

Our Traffic Report for May 2007 is also on our forums, so take a look at that when you get a chance.

God bless!