Joining ESO AoE3 Toj Clan


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Run AoE3.
Click multiplayer
Then click ES Online.

Login to ESO (if its the first time, then create an account).

I will have to be online to invite you to the clan. Make sure to add users to your friends list on left, so when we play games, its easy to invite users to a custom game.

Post your ESO name in this thread
Name: ESO handle
1. Atown : Atown Seksi Leader
2. Divine : Alizak Member
3. Michaelpi : michaelpi Member
4. Josh : Terran_Republic Member
5. Josh's Cousin : Levite Member
6. Talon : tojccTalon Leader
7. Starfire : Starfire Member
8. diablodelmar : diablodelmar Member
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i will try it..... when i get the game.... in a while...., go and register on there, and it will ask you what chapters ur interested in, just hit the aoe chapter and ur good to go. our chapter covers all aoe games
Hi, I have played the different AoE games in the past, and just downloaded the trial version of AoE III and I am sure early 06 I will get the full retail game. I am already a member of ToJ and play World of Warcraft the most and so I am wondering how I can become a member here so when I want a change of pace then i can play AoE with the other members in this chapter
more or less, when ur toj, ur in everything lol. we just need to add u to the AOE3 roster and get u signed up with the online guild roster in the AOE3 integrated guild section. and thats it
LivingbyFaith said:
I am already a member of ToJ and play World of Warcraft the most and so I am wondering how I can become a member here[...]
You can send an e-mail to membership AT toj DOT cc with your first name, last name, and handle (as listed on the Tribe of Judah roster) and ask to be added to the Age of Empires Series Chapter.
apparently we both have to be online at same time. seems ur online now. Hop on if u see this.
nope, sorry i missed that. Since we are both in different timezones, it is going to be pretty difficult to arrange a time for us both to be online. What timezone are you in? I am in GMT+0.
And on an average weekend are you likely to be online at 12-2pm? (doing the math, this is your gmt-8 time that I will most likely to be online)
Yeppers, I'm online right now, I'm online pretty much from 8am to 10pm everyday for another month. Shoot me an email when u are on ESO, i get my emails within 2 minutes of it being sent. talon [at] compmil [dot] com

Then we can hit ESO and get ya joined :)
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also a great program is Teampspeak, if u idle there, i'll most likely see u there, as well as talon (becuase he runs it)