January 6-8

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Due to my tardiness, I am only going to mention my thoughts on the reading for January 8 right now. If the other two readings are brought up in discussion, though, I'll be happy to contribute.

Today we read about Lot being saved from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. A few things strike me about these events. The first thing I noticed was that Lot brought the angels in physical form into his home and prepared food for them (Genesis 19:3). There are many occurences of angels speaking to humans, but this is the only time I can recall that they interacted in such a "normal" way. Shortly after the angels are in Lot's home, and the people of the cities are asking Lot if they can have sex with the "men" who Lot has inside, Lot offers his two virgin daughters to the mob (Genesis 19:8). I found this quite horrible and was surprised that any man could do such a thing. First Abraham gives his wife to Pharoah and now Lot offers his daughters to a mob. Were people so afraid of death that they would so easily and quickly sacrifice those they loved?

The next thing that I found surprising in this reading was that Lot's daughters got him drunk and both had intercourse with him, eventually becoming pregnant (Genesis 19:32-38). Now I may not know what happens, but I can't believe this behavior was okay in the sight of God. But if He did anything about it, there is no record here, unless it comes later.

Pretty much all of today's reading in Matthew is wonderful. There are many, many words of wisdom here and just about any verse could be put up on our refrigerators as a reminder of how to act.

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