Jan 5. 2004


[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Jesus answered him, ’Where I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow Me afterward’
—John 13:36

Today's devotional in MUTFHH deals with following Christ.  To follow Christ is not supposed to be just some fun-time only thing.  We're not supposed to follow Christ, only when our youth group is taking a trip to Six Flags.  We're not supposed to follow Christ only on days that start with S.  We're supposed to follow Christ every day, when we're miserable, bored, happy, no matter what, we're to follow Christ.

The devotional deals with Peter and his denial of Christ.  Peter was told to follow Christ twice.  Once at the start of Christ's earthly ministry, and once after the denials.  The first 'Follow Me' was a physical follow me.  Peter followed Christ in a physical since.  There was no spiritual changing, there was no reliance on Christ.  The second 'Follow Me' was a spiritual follow me.  Peter was devastated that he had just denied Christ, not once, but three times.  He was at the end of his ropes, and where did he turn?  He followed Christ.

It's this broken, spiritually humble following that we should strive for.  As Christians, we are not the power or the leading force in our lives.  We've surrenderd that to Christ.  The life of Power to follow.  Think on that.  Our power doesn't come from anything we do.  Our strength does not come from anything we've done.  The power in our lives, is not from the inside.  Regardless of what God has done for you, you cannot stand alone.  Our strength comes from Christ.  The power in our lives is Christ, and HOW we follow Him.  Not why, not when, but HOW.   We are to give everything we are to Him, obeying Him, living our lives in a similar manner as He lived His, staying free of sin and corruption, not cursing or lying, obeying those placed in authority over us.

We are to Follow Him.
Yeah, why is it that we so seldom follow God whole heartedly unless we are entirely broken? A few years ago when I was having bad gallbladder pains and was on the floor crying I finally gave over to God something I'd been holding onto too long.... Too bad it took that much pain to make me follow!
I got a copy of the book from my pastor (his old copy, actually).

It's a great start to the day

I've also managed to get myself into more trouble, too.