It is a tv show but...


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I couldn't find a forum here for Television.

The anime Blood(the name isn't appealing but it was a good one) finally ended, however, I was highly disappointed due to the fact that Saia(the main character) had to die. It was a happy ending nonetheless because Ki took her too her favorite spot after the war with the Cyroptorins was over AND he ended up raising her nieces.

Either way it goes, the anime in general was one of the best I had ever seen next to Deathnote and Bleach.
Oh Saya dies? I missed that apparently. Yea Blood Plus is a great anime. I'm also fond of Blood Trinity.
D'oh I wish I didn't read that.....I was waiting on the complete season box sets to come out to finish Blood+

Death Note is good too, I haven't been keeping up with the Adult Swim broadcasts because I've been picking up the limited edition dvd's as they're released.