Isle of Conquest


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Ok PVP experts, ponder this.

In Isle of Conquest, every single one I go in, people instantly start yelling "get docks get docks, it's the only way to win!!!!". Now, in the 71-79 bracket, I have been in a losing battleground 98% of the time when the docks are grabbed. The few times the Alliance grabbed Workshop, we have won.

At what point did it get ingrained into the Alliance head that WS is bad and you shouldn't go there? Is this only in the 71-79 bracket and at 80 docks is the way to go? Just curious because I find it amusing that people shout it with such passion to get docks then get upset when we lose over and over after getting the docks yet refuse to try getting WS.
part of the reason for this is also because currently the airship is broken. You can't properly teleport from the hangar onto the ship. I was somehow able to get it once but most people die when they try.
gonna bump this for those of use that do PvP (or care about what BG's are broken).
It looks like they hotfixed parts of the IoC so the airship works properly again. But there is another issue. When the gates of the horde keep are destroyed they are replaced with a large pink wall of nothing. This pink block cannot be destroyed, but there are ways around it. If you are right at the gate when it goes down, you can continue through into the keep. I've have heard that mages can also "blink" through it. But still the easiest is to use either a catapult from the dock or get onto the fixed ariship and jump over the wall.
The worst part of this bug is that it only happens at the horde fortress so Alliance has a much harder time getting into the keep., The good part of this bug is that in 3 days no one will care anymore as we all scramble madly to get our toons up to lvl 85.
I did not know about the airship fix; that's great news. I did run into that big pink wall thing the other day, but I was able to just run through it. I was at the gate when it came down, though, so it seems to match up with what you're saying.