iPhone Games

What games are popular with all of you with iPhones these days?
I can't speak to what's popular on iPhones these days, but I can suggest a few favorites that I have installed on my vintage iPhone 4S:

Angry Birds series (AB, AB Space, AB Star Wars, AB 2, etc.)
Azkend, Azkend 2
Cut the Rope series (CTR, CTR 2, CTR Time Travel, CTR Magic, etc.)
Hungry Sumo
Rayman Run series (Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Fiesta Run, Rayman Adventures)
Squids Odyssey
Tiny Wings
Where's My Water? series (WMW, WMW 2, Where's My Perry?)

I'm not sure if all the games listed above are still available on the Apple App Store, but most should be.

I have Puzzle & Dragons, Threes, and Wordscapes installed on my Android phone and I believe all 3 are available on the Apple App Store.

If I had the disposable income to buy an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for digital art, I'd probably pick up Grindstone day one, too, even though I already have it on Switch.