Invite Request - New To Sunrest


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Hi All!! My sister and I have been playing Rift casually since it came out. We started on a different server before I realized that we had a ToJ guild on Sunrest! We came from WoW (Madisson, Rebekkah, and my jillion alts) where Redeemed is our family! And I was waiting for the Char Transfer to go live here on Rift! IT HAS!

Please let me know what we need to do to get an invite into Reborn! Look forward to contributing all we can. We love the Christ centered family & friend atmosphere of believers!

On Sunrest, my toon is Tahykora!

God bless!
Right on, I look forward to playing with you again! Any of the officers can invite you. Look for Ehren, Tag/Corinth, Cheribum, Gaborn, Marthaniel/Marthared....I'm not playing on Sundays but should be available most of the day tomorrow to send an invite.

This past week was slow with 3 officers on vacation or mission trips. This next week should pick up.
Yeah, Summer Months might be rough on attendence, I know I am looking at a vacation in 2 weeks, but yell at me in game if I can help you out with an invite or anything else.