Hello all,

I just joined the forum. I'm a life-long video gamer, and only got baptized into Jesus Christ a couple of months ago. I've been looking for other Christians to game with and to study the Holy Bible with. I'm also a former junkie, and credit Christ with getting me off drugs. I haven't quite defeated the Nicotine Devil yet, but I'm working on that. I used to play Eve Online, EverQuest, and a lot of single-player games. In my spare time, besides gaming, I enjoy volunteering in charitable endeavors and fighting my own personal demons.
Welcome to the forum! As you probably noticed, there isn't a lot of activity here. Most of the conversations take place on our discord server. You can find more info about discord as well as an invite on this thread: 'Christian Gamers Alliance Discord Server'
Welcome back, Starr!

Tribe of Judah's Guild Wars 2 guild, Spirit of Elijah, is still active, though perhaps not AS active as when you last played.

If your characters were members of the guild before, they should still be.

If your characters weren't in the guild before or you log in and find they aren't OR you created new characters and want to get them invited to the guild, post a reply and let me know and I'll find someone who can help.
I lied. I’m terrible at using forums.
Done and done welcome to Legacy of Elijah. FIRE is Chariot of Fire, I will let Aleron know you are looking for a Christian guild.

edit: sent an in game mail to Xivor the guild leader of FIRE. Hang in there you may have two Christian guilds soon.
Awwww. I gotta tell ya—this FIRE community essentially saved my life while I was going through a divorce. God is so good. Thanks for getting me there.