Introducing Redeemed's new Guild Leader, Lethalon!


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I need to keep this brief so I can get my daughter and myself to church this morning, but I'm posting to make it official: Lethalon is the new Guild Leader of Redeemed!

We still need to work through the details of the change (including making Lethalon the in-game guild leader and updating the forums and web site to reflect the change), but Lethalon recently volunteered for the post, we talked on the phone Friday night, and I approved his appointment to the position today.

So join me in welcoming Lethalon to his new role as Guild Leader!
I believe that Lethalon is an excellent choice for guild leader. This is move is just what Redeemed needs . So , Welcome and "conga rats" to you ,Lethalon! May God bless you and Redeemed now and in the days to come.
Gratz Leth, thanx for stepping up. Looking forward to playing with u guys when i come back. :)
Still waiting on Flame to show up and transfer the reigns in game and then we can begin planning our ascension to greatness!
Hey guys! Sorry I won't be able to join you, but it looks like you'll be in good hands.

I talked with Tek about transferring leadership, and you'll be able to do this without me. I'm not familiar with the process, but there should be an option in the guild menu somewhere.

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves, and Leth - demote Skrubs every once in a while and tell him it's from me :D

EDIT: Here you go, Leth. Use it with my blessing:
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Hey Flame,


You were already dethroned, and now Cryo holds the keys. Since he still appears to be playing, he just needs to turn it over and it's all good!

Yeah, I forgot we did that. I told him to take it over a while back and just didn't remember that we did that. So he didn't just take it without permission. Anyways, I told him and he will give it to you as soon as he can. He works odd hours, so I hope that he can promote you without you being online. If not, you may have to organize a time with him to be online. I'll have him post here if you need to do that.
Congratz Lethalon, and thanks for helping to take care of things in my 3 year absence. :cool:

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:) Been crazy busy from work these past few weeks, but there's folks still hanging tight and proud to be one of them.

Redeemed is a thing. If you're not Redeemed, well... :)