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Well, good day all! My name is Michael and I am TheIdiot!

I am level 50 but yet to hit up any T1's or greater. Was a member of Ichthys on Gnarlwood, but have decided to hop in over here as I was having a hard time finding groups to play with. Plus, I've never been on a PvP server and look forward to a new dimension to the game (looks like I might need to use stealth more often...). I am not sure how well I will do at the RP, but I shall humbly do my best.

I will be transferring servers in a short bit (probably by the time this posts) so if you see Sahan online, give him an invite.

I will share more of my testimony and things of the sort as I start to get to know people better - just don't feel like rambling right now. Many blessings to all and look forward to getting to know ya'll.