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i got bored so decided to pub, and i remember hearing the server reopened recently, so decided to hop a visit.

seems like my explanation with the interp didn't go through well.

well aside from a little instable ping issue it seemed fairly fine, besides interp being locked at 0.1

to counter hcs's argument about it having no effect in the netcode:

and ask any other proffesional cs player, (3d,col etc.) and they'll tell u to use 0.01 for a reason. (do not confuse 0.01 with 0.1)

I suggest unlocking it probably via HLGuard, since i did see a little bit of "no register" complaint. it did seem choppy compared to other servers, but might as well make the best of it.

maybe i'll hop in another time,
try it, go to a server where interp is not locked, whether setting it at 0.01 or 0, it'll set it to 1/updaterate. same effect.

Also the point was not to say whether its 0.01 or 0, the article was posted so locking it at 0.1 is a bad idea.
u need to keep up w/ the news, exploit problem was in 1.5, where when interp was set at a very low range, it could be used as multiple exploits (i think it was seeing through walls etc, but not too familiar with). 1.6 via steam fixed it pretty promptly w/ the netcode re-arrangement.

gotfrag was the only place where they actually took time to go over the netcode, rate and interpolation and such. I'm not sure if other e-sport related has gone over.
that might prove me a bit more.

the 2 gotfrag articles explain more on either interp or the rates/net code. I wanted to post both instead of either. If you still insist, however, that 0.1 are better, thats fine by me. I still like less-random cs. (0.1 interp makes it so that approx. 1/3 of ur actual shot has a chance to go off, or completely not register). I'm sure goose, poison or other who also has played competitively can give feedbacks on interp/rates.
I set mine to 0 and let my updaterate take care of my interp for me. I'd much rather play on a server that is more accurate with registration (interp at 0.01 or 0) than play on a choppy server.
So what values exactly do I need to change, and what do I need to change them to, if I were to change them?
I'm not entirely sure, I've never done that kind of admin'ing before. I would assume it would be something like sv_interp ... but even then, with HLGuard, it still might lock it. Hopefully someone else here will know what to do. If not, I'd suggest going to - they should have an answer there somewhere.
When ToJ got the new server (awhile ago) me, poison and a few others requested the interp unlock (since it was locked at that time too) and I think Plankeye might know (if he's still around). It was the same issue on HLguard so i think he commented it out of the line, since the interp wasn't locked and it was freely changeable.

Your own links say to set this to zero and nothing else. so i would use hlguard's locking to lock interp to zero..:)