Instructor Razuvious - Required macros for priests


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/cast [target=focus] Mind control
/target Instructor

/cast Bone Barrier
/yell Taunting the Instructor - BRING IT!!!!
/cast taunt

/script PetDismiss()


Two priest strategy:

Put the macro's onto your action bar (but not the action bar the pet bar will take up. If you are unsure which action bar is replaced by the MC pet bar, go to a starting area and mind control a humanoid first to see which action bar is replaced and which action bars it is ok to put the macro's on.) Make sure also that mind soothe is on one of the action bars near the macros.

Before the start of the fight, position yourself at the top of the ramp. Capture your focus. Move in close enough for mind soothe to become usable.

When the raid leader says it is ok to start, nothing starts until the priests say its ok to start.

Wait for the instructor to get to the 9 o'clock position heading towards the back. Both priests cast mind soothe and then move in closer to cast their mind controls (via macro)

The first priest to tank positions the student to the 6 o'clock position (bottom of the ramp) to start the tanking role. The instructor should be at the 12 o'clock position, or near to it. And because you used the macro to do the mind control, the instructor should be targeted.

It is up to you to pick up the boss. So you will have to move the student to intercept the instructor but do not move the student out of range for mind control.

When the instructor is close to you, enable the bone shield (via macro) and taunt (via macro). While you are tanking, ensure you turn on "auto attack" (number 1 on the new action bar). And use "blood strikes" (number 4 on the action bar) to do dps. When you are tanking, one taunt is all you get and it is enough. The taunt mechanics of this fight is that thread can not ever be pulled from a student. Never tank the boss without bone barrier being active, so always follow this order:

1. bone barrier
2. taunt

Communicate with your priest partner. Watch the bar timers counting down the time left on bone barrier. When it is down to 5 seconds, call for the other priest to "Take him" from you. At which point, the second priest will:

1. bone barrier
2. taunt

And then they should verbally confirm that they have the instructor (ie..."He's mine")

Once the second priest has the boss, release your student via the last macro. And then mind control him again with the second macro. Go back to the instructor and turn on auto attack and start doing damage with blood strikes.

At this point, watch the timers. When the other priests bone barrier gets to 5 seconds, they should be calling for you to take the boss. If they don't, you can take the boss by:

1. bone barrier
2. taunt

And verbally over vent say "I have him" or "He's mine". So the other priest can now release the student via macro and mind control him again via macro.

During this whole fight, only two voices should be heard for the most part over vent: The two priests. Other then that, only tanks that are assigned to tank students should be on vent to inform the raid leader if they have died.

This whole fight is predicated on the priests ability to communicate and watch boss mod timers. To ensure mind soothe's and mind controls always land and have the least chance of breaking, you must have a +hit set with a minimum of +158 to hit. This set is requirement of all veteran priests, it can contain blue quality gear item but not green quality gear items. Having significantly more +hit does not hinder nor does it help more. So if you have 172 +hit you are ok, you don't need to actively look for more. If you have 153 +hit, you need a minimum of 5 more to hit.

ALL priests should be aspire to experiencing this fight. It is worth the holding of ones breath for 5 minutes!!!