Info Request: The 5 People....


I was at a class today and the speaker mentioned the book The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. I've heard others mention the book in the past, and was curious to know if anyone has read it.

I've looked over the synopsis, read the first chapter from the website, and it looks like a very interesting book. It is a fictional story, the author does take some liberties and strays from the Biblical view of Heaven.

The basics, from what I can tell, is that when the main character dies, he goes to Heaven, but it's not the Garden of Eden or fluffy clouds-place that we all imagine. When the main gets there, his life is explained to him by 5 people that have influenced his life, whether they are close to him, or some random person that influenced him in a way he never realized.

Anyway, I've heard people say that the book is awesome, that it changed the way they look at a lot of things in life, but none of those people are Christians. Obviously, we have a different take on what Heaven will be like and what happens when we die. Knowing that this story is fictional, how does it stack up?

Thanks in advance.
I have it but have not read it. If you guys/gals would like to read together and discuss it I would be up for that.
I picked this up and read it over the last week. Very interesting book, but hard to follow in places as the author skips around a lot for dramatic purposes.

I'm interested in hearing some feedback from others that have read it. Some of the lessons that he learns (like #2 and #3) are very obvious - easy to sum up in a single word, while others (like #1 and #5) are ideas - ones that almost need explained.

What is your understanding of "what comes next" as the story ends? Person#2 indicated he had somewhere else to go, that Eddie was part of his 5. Was he still moving through the people, even "after all these years"?

I'm thinking about re-reading it at a slower pace and really looking at the analogies, stories, and explanations. It's always fun to find hidden nuggets that I missed in the first pass.
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