I'm writing a book!


Hello! I'm writing a book, and hope to be finished with the writing by the end of the summer! Right now I've got about 30,000 words and am really looking forward to finish the book. I've even got the elevator pitch ready! (just made it up, actually)

In a parallel world not too different than our own, two youth train to serve in the army of the King. However, it is not as easy as they would hope, and the world outside of their home city Lacendia is far from friendly. Even in the realm of their dreams do they face horrible wars. Can they survive the battles they're destined to face, or will they die to the hands of the evil Abeo?

So yeah, it's a fantasy, medieval book. Sorta aimed towards adolescents and kids. There's dragons, magic, true love, etcetera!

If you'd like to hear more about it and receive updates, I'd love if you could follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/TDWrites.
Sounds interesting. Hope it comes out awesome.

I don't have a twitter account (nor any other social media) but be sure to let us know when it is published (or finished) here.
^What he said.^

Congratulations on your progress so far, and may you have blessed fun when finishing. :D Writing is an awesome outlet.
I know this is a bit old (1 year! Yikes!) But did you finish your writing? I ask as a fellow aspiring writer in the fantasy genre, and I know sometimes it's aggravating trying to find the time to write! :)