I'm excited...


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So many good lookin' games on the horizon! Terminator 3: The Redemption, Republic Commando, Halo 2, KotOR 2, and Godzilla: Save the Earth! (In case you're wondering, yes, this thread is pointless. I am just too happy in order to not spread the word.  
That's cool.  I'm also looking forward to Halo 2, KOTOR 2, and Republic Commando.

Aside from those, I'm also looking forward to The Movies, Star Wars Battlefront, and possible Dead or Alive Ultimate, if the sexual content isn't too bad.

I still haven't even played Pandora Tomorrow.  
I am looking forward to HL, but I haven't even played the original yet, so I can wait. *Hits himself on the head with crowbar*
I'm tempted to get Doom 3, but I'll probably be too scared to play it lol. So I'm undecided. Starcraft looks good, and I'm not really sure what Warcraft is. I've never really been much of a PC gamer.
I'm looking forward to, "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Act Pilot" ( It better come out in the US. ), "Metroid Prime 2", "KotOR 2: The Sith Lords" ( That's not the official name, but it's been called that by some. ) "Republic Commando" "Need for Speed: Underground 2" . That's pretty much it.
If you guys didn't know, KoTOR2 is coming out Februray 2005.
Anyone going to order the Halo 2 limited edition? I'm thinking I probably will, if it's still available by the time I get the money.
IRT to your earlier post trigun, Warcraft is one of Blizzard's 2 main product lines, a fantasy style rts, originally released back in 92-93 and did to RTS games wht half-life to to FPS's, and then some, lol. World of Warcraft, their upcoming game, is a MMORPG, looking to be one of the best out there, and thru some world quests and locations, will pick up on the Warcraft story form about 4 years after the Frozen Throne Exp pack to WC3.

Halo 2 is looking good to, its a shame I have to wait for a PC port b4 playing it tho :/
Lol, I have GSN, but I perfer the extra power behind the PC, I mean c'mon, there is no way you could pull off some games on the PC on the current consoles, like HL2, that wont be a console title for years to come, lol :p
Anybody know if there's a "freelancer 2" in the works? I've heard rumors (well, there've been rumors for ages -- I mean slightly more serious rumors) -- anybody know if they're true?
Hmmm, I haven't heard anything about a Freelancer 2. I didn't see anything mentioned on Lancer's Reactor except for a rumor back in September. That's one of my favorite games.

Some other similar games you might want to look into are "X2:The Threat" and RiftSpace. I want to get X2, so I have no personal opinions at this point. Reviews sounded decent, but that it is a bit complicated. I haven't yet played "RiftSpace" either, but it's put out by an independent game developer. His previous game "Star Wraith 3D" is really great, so I am looking forward to playing "RiftSpace".

never been in the ccgr before, thought i'd snoop around.

I don't think i'll play halo 2 as i finished the first one in a day or sooo.. it's really a console game, suited to a controller not a mouse. (ie a mouse is way to accurate for that massive target display)

X2 is complicated, and takes HEAPPPPS of time. Even just to get started, i took that back after a couple of days.

Freelancer 2 would be cool.

as well as all the version 2's and 3's previously mentioned..


now where'd i put that crowbar???