ICC 25 H Run


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Hey all,

I wanted to invite all lvl 80-85s to run ICC 25 Heroic on Sunday afternoon at 1:45. This will be the third week we've had an open ICC 25 run on Sundays. We've had 14-16 the first two weeks and have done a full clear, along with most of the normal mode cheeves. I have an invite on the guild calendar for those interested in coming, so please sign up!

The only requirements for the run are that you are on Teamspeak (so you can hear me) and willing to try. No item level or raid experience is needed. I'll explain everything you need to know. We're there to have a good time and have fun! :)

We run until 5:00 server, but if you can only stay for part of it you are still welcome to come. I would love to see as many guildies and friends as possible, as its great fun.


P.s. These achievements will all be towards a meta cheeve for ICC 25. Once all these achievements are completed over the next couple of weeks you can get a skeletal drake in the mail! How cool is that?!?!?