ICC 25 cheeves


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For those of you needing/wanting to run ICC 25, there is a group running Thursday night to work on the cheeves we weren't able to get in our small guild group when I lead us through on Sundays.

They will be focusing on non heroic cheeves in blood wing, frost wing, and on the lich king.

The raid is lead by Celestial Uprising. I went for the first half and it was run pretty well. They were able to get everything on the first 7 bosses without a problem.

The raid will be at 7:00 ST thursday night, and vent is required. Send me a message in game to Deydri if you'd like an invite, or if I'm not on feel free to ask "Moarbier" in Celestial Uprising as she is the raid leader for this event.

I am not helping lead this in any way, but it seemed like a good group and I know many of you would like to finish your drakes as well!

Send me an in game message if you have any questions (mail is probably best, as I'm packing for a week of camp this week and am running a ton of errands trying to tie up loose ends).


P.s. They will be doing the heroic cheeves again as well, so even if you haven't started this is a good opportunity for you to get the rarest cheeves u need for the mount right off the bat!