ICC 10 Run - Sept. 6


Anyone not saved and interested in kicking off a 10 man before it resets tomorrow? I obviously don't know how difficult it is but I have been in the 25 man and had a blast. Either forming a 10 man with TF or if not enough interest then trying to jump in a PUG tonight. I should have put this here awhile ago but better late than never!

I'm thinking about 7:30 MST to start.
Joe, I would be in with my Warr Tank or my Mage, if (and this is kind of a big if) my school prep work load allows for it.

I will be on around 7:30 ST to see how much interest there is.

Thanks Eric, that sounds great. Obviously with me being green I will not be leading this but if we get enough TF then I think we are set for a good time anyway.
Sorry I missed this. I was actually into a heavy YouTube-watching session (anyone remember the series Earth: Final Conflict?) and could have actually made this because I had two characters not saved to an ICC-10...