ICC 10 Run - 7/23


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Hey Everyone,

I posted an ICC 10 run on the guild calendar for tonight 7:30 server start. I would say a 3 hour run. I'll be looking for 2 x Tanks, 6 x DPS, and a healy type. Please sign up on the in-game WoW calendar if you are interested. Run priority will go to experienced & geared toons first.

That being said, the ICC buff is now 30% so the bar has been lowered a bit. :)

My mage would be up for that as he is geared and has seen a few fights, but he is not currently a regular in another run. Please add me to your DPS list.

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Yeah so my impromptu ICC run was meant for last night (the 22nd). I had it on the in-game calendar for then but put the wrong date on the forums. :confused:

Tonight is our normal group run and we are going after Sindy, the Blood Queen, and hopefully taking some shots at the LK. Sorry for the confusion on my part.
Friday nights are when I typically get on with my brother to play. We often end up pugging ICC 10 as well, though we've only completed the first wing and plague wing. Do you plan on making this a regular run? If so, you've got a tank and healer who would love to join. Guild runs are the best.
This has been a long running run... Usually full, but occasionally we need a sub or two especially do to schedules in the summer...