I would luv to play!


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I been thinking about maybe playing Dawn of War a lot online now and I like to see this chapter become active like the World of Warcraft chapter (I even bring people over if I need to :D ). My name online is: Chaoshammer60 and I was wondering could get some of ya names. Maybe we can setup some days to play some matches. I will warn you that I am very rusty about the knowledge of RTS and it will take some time to get back into that style. World of Warcraft has been very busy but I like to take a break and maybe try something else. I think Dawn of War and Winter Assault is a good choice.

Cya guys on the battlefield someday! ;)
Perhaps we can get a game together soon. My main times for playing are from about 10:30pm est to about 12:00om est. If you want to set something up around then, let me know.
I'm totally with you guys.
Altho my gaming time also gets sucked up in a lot of WoW, I'm a big RTS fan, and enjoy the gameplay in DoW. I'm picking up the bundle sometime soon, and I hope to arrange a time to play with y'all. I'm also on EST time, so it should be possible to arrange some impromptu games.
Still Playing!

I'm on WoW too, but now that I'm getting close to level 60, I'm getting more and more bored. I've been trying out DoW:WA online, and really like it! Sure, i'm still getting smacked down by Eldar spammers, but i think this is a terrific RTS. Anyone else still playing? Look me up on XFire if you wanna get a game.

I'm now weened off of WoW and onto DOW:WA. The lesser of 2 evils. Thoroughly enjoying the multiplayer. I heard the single player is alright too, but... you know... whatevs.
Add Slavidzee to your friends list.

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I'm down. SN on DoW is Cheapfodder. send me a pm of game times. I dont have the expansion though. -_-