I want to return...


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Hello everyone, it is I, your favorite gloomy Sorcerer, Golgaros Vespa (aka Bugrol Shalefist, Ennio Bangellia, etc.). I'm thinking of returning to DAoC, but since I haven't played in nearly two years, I'm debating it. I imagine my characters have been trashed, but I'd be willing to start from scratch if necessary.

What's everyone been up to?

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Mm, I'm not sure how many ToJ members still play DAoC. Most have moved to World of Warcraft, though there may be a few lurking about.

When I did play DAoC, I played as Sarengar on Albion and Jhostav on Midgard. I also had a Hibernia character, but can't remember his name.


It would be nice to have you. I haven't been on much in a long time, but I'm hoping to get back on, soon. When I got my laptop, I was on more. I could take DaoC anywhere in the house (including in front of the TV)! But when I got Darkness Rising, it would keep locking up on my laptop (which was a brand new almost top of the line Dell...even got the best video card I could with it). I tried installing it on my desktop, but lately haven't gotten it to work right (plus I hate sitting at my desk all the time). If you definitely come back on, let me know. I forget to check the boards at times, but you can e-mail me at obidawsn at adelphia dot net.

As for you characters, I was told that they never get rid of your characters. I had cancelled my account for 6 months, and they were still there (I'm not sure about 2 years, though). But when I was thinking about cancelling for a while, customer support told me that they don't delete the characters. That may have changed, but that's what I was told.


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Alot of us have gone to World of Warcraft. I think the PVE is much better in WOW than in Daoc. But the PVP in Daoc is much better than WOW. So take your pick :). Both of you should come to Wow :D I havnt forgotten either of you!