I talked to a producer for warhammer


I met him at a warhammer exhibit at a game expo. I didn't know that he was more than a mere CSR as I told him so much about my thoughts about what I think war should do to get people to come back. He listened intently and we talked lots!

I told him about the goings on of our guild and its rise and steady decline. It was cool to talk to someone who has a part in the decision making process on the direction of the game.

Lots of little details I left out....tidbits...secrets....ha ha!
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The main thing he said right now was bug fixes, and making the game more fun for all tiers - ie new tutorial system and apprenticeship system. By nature of this mmo, they'll never be able to eliminate imbalancing due to higher RR, equipment or big zergs. Those things will never change. However, I mentioned how frustrating it has been playing with a lvl 30s char in PuG scenario groups and getting rolled by groups with end game gear. He mentioned how we can get warded armor slots now so you can plug and play ward pieces into any armor and that will make it easier to qualify for end game instances. City invasions are frequent now and so the end-game struggle has more variety spanning Tier 4 zones, cities, keeps, and Land of the Dead.