I just want to say I'm sorry


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I'm sorry guys. I've been really off of my game lately. I've had a TON going down with my parents and I am currently out of work, so it's a constant search. I know that I've been a terribad chapter leader and I accept that. I think the plan is for Elihu to post a call for a co-leader until I can get back to a semi normal play schedule, hopefully before Karkand is released.

I'm sorry that thus far I've let the clan down guys. If I get a second chance at leading you guys, believe me it will be A LOT different.

God bless you all,
I can only speak for myself, but I can definitely sympathize with how consuming the job search can be. I never want the responsibilities of a ToJ staff position to add to staff members' stress, so rest assured that we'll continue helping the chapter grow.

You are always welcome, regardless whether other responsibilities allow time to continue serving on staff or not. :)
Hey I wouldn't sweat it, the simple unfortunate truth is that there just hasn't been as much interest shown in BF3 as some of the other games we run. In truth there hasn't been a whole lot for you to organize in the first place. Moving forward the key thing to do is probably to organize a game night, and then (gently) hound people to show up for it - personally Fri, Sat and maybe Thurs are my only really viable options. There should be some resurgence of interest with Back to Karkand, so be sure to capitalize on that.