I got the cds and you need the reveiws


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I have Tmac Welcome to Diverse City now that i own it it is the best buy ive goten in a while. And, Its "pronouced five two" is really cool it has funny interlods it has awesome interluds well email me and ill give you reveiws.
I know what he said. Interpretation: "I bought a couple of cds, the first one is Toby Mac - Welcome to Diverse City, it is one of the best cds I've bought in a while. The second one is KJ 52 - It's Pronounced Five-Two, This CD is cool, it has some funny interludes (you know, a track where there isn't any music). E-mail me if you want the reviews!
There you go.
Thank you dude

J, I am in the process of moving hosts so I can't email at the moment...hang in there!
Dude speaks my lang evadently huh
Now that ive ripped it a few times the kj52 cd gots meaning and i mean lots of meaning its really cool
i cant wait till next
when ever that is