I got a Wii U!


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I bought a Wii U on Sunday. Through a long and twisted series of events, I was only able to start playing Super Mario 3D World on Thursday night.

But, more importantly, I own a Wii U now! Add me! My Nintendo Network ID is gummyzergling
Right now, I only have what came in the bundle. As much as I want Mario Kart 8, I am never--NEVER--paying $60 for a game ever again. StarCraft II was the first and it will be the last.

But if MK8 goes on sale for $35 again or even $40, I'll snatch it right up.

I have my Amazon wish list ready and I've created some camelcamelcamel.com price alerts.

As for the games I have, I'm really enjoying Super Mario 3D World so far, as expected. You can't go wrong with a main series Mario game!

I've only played a few of the Nintendoland minigames so far, but really enjoyed playing the Mario chase game with my dad (he was in town this last weekend), my older daughter, and my wife.