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Here's one of the kiting videos I made killing a heredine slayer.;4908493;;/fileinfo.html

Kiting is a pretty easy thing for hunters. Kiting is the concept of moving the mob over a long distance and killing it eventually (if possible). Kiting makes it possible for hunters to solo lots of elites. I am just using auto-shot and serpent sting to kill the mob in the video. When you're first starting to learn how to kite I suggest using rank 1 arcane shot so that you can conserve your mana otherwise you'll end up going oom rather quickly. Also make sure you keep the mob agroed to you or your pet at all times (get a shot off every 8-12 seconds) otherwise the mob will evade bug and get reset. Another thing to watch out for is not to get hit when you have aspect of the cheetah, dazed = dead hunter if FD gets resisted.

The video is poor quality since I just put it together in a few mins to test out my editing/uploading. Pay attention to what skills I'm using as opposed watching me run for the 3 mins.
Here's an thread I mean't to link earlier but got carried away with other stuff and forgot about it.

Some talk about hunter talents.

Also if you are interested in MC/Onyxia get yourself keyed asap. You can start both attunement quests at about 55 and finish them before you hit 60. You will need to be keyed for both these instances because Ony drops t2 helms and black sinew for the epic bow. In MC you get t1 epics and the leaf that starts the epic bow quest.
Hunter FR gear:

3/4 Black dragon mail - I know Samj can make 2 out of the 4 pieces and I can probably find someone out of the guild to make the other two pieces. The boots require lava/fiery cores so 3/4 of the set is not bad. You can farm the mats solo if you are a skinner, o/w the dragon scales cost a lot. I think theres a player by the name of Hadriel that usually puts black dragon stuff on the AH as well so you can add him to friends and discuss prices with him if you can't skin.

Ward of Elements, Drakefire Amulet - The trinket is a reward from one of the parts of the Ony key quest, and the amulet is the Ony key.

Ocean Breeze - This is a reward for completing a series of quests from Duke Hydraxis. You can also get the water to put out the runes in MC to summon Domo.

+7 FR on back
+5 FR on shoulders (you get this enchant when you are revered with AD)

A couple people wonder if getting +20 fr enchant on the leg/head slots is worth it? I personally think unless your a tank, rogue, main tank healer its pretty pointless to waste 140g on it. Although try and get the ZG enchant on it if you can.
Tranquilizing Shot Macro. Type in /m to bring the macro screen up, click on create a new macro, choose the name/icon you feel best suited for it. The macro should contain

/cast Tranquilizing Shot
/ra -- Tranq Shot Away -- <Your Name>

You can mess around with what you want the second line to say, just make sure you either use it in /ra or /y so that your raid knows you tranqed. Tranq can only remove frenzy effects (enrage/beserk/bloodrage/beserker rage are not frenzy effects). Only things in the game as far as I know that go in a frenzy are Magmadar in Molten Core, Chromaggus, Flamegor in BWL, Maws in Azshara (AQ scepter chain boss). If you find that your tranqs are missing than you might want to make a macro that says you missed your tranq, I haven't seen mine miss in ages (I have about +5% chance to hit though).
Heh, ignore the previous post. A hunter buddy of mine showed me SimpleTranqShot mod. It's definately a lot better than the blizzard macro because sometimes blizz's macro won't cast the tranq but it will still say in the raid that you did. With simple tranq you can know when other hunters missed or when you missed and it'll warn the other hunters, also only tells the raid when you have cast the traq and/or missed it. Pretty cool mod I use it and love it. Mod can be found at:

/stranq is the command to bring up the options for the mod.