How to identify and eliminate evil spirits from my house?

Well I just happened upon that vid from Pastor Driscoll. Sometimes it's good to see and hear to understand. I do believe the points he made are valid as to what constitutes possible open windows and open doors to demons, which is what he wanted to know in the first place. =-)
Pastor Driscoll is solid, I recommend him highly. To say he is affiliated with some of that list is pure bogus besides the fact that some things on that list are very Scriptural.
well this is south east asia I'm talking about. Where the average religious rituals in some neighboring countries sends a chill down my back.
Particularly thailand and the Buddhist countries. I have some Buddhist friends/associates and they are living just fine (for an unbeliever), and on the other hand, walk down the street and you see fortune tellers and such in places where the elderly usually congregate. So maybe it's just my environment, but I really believe in possessions and hauntings.

Items that have any spiritual significance are cease to be items, they are idols.
The bible holds immense spiritual significance to me, as I'm sure it does to all of us. So are communion rituals and stuff, though I don't believe you are unsaved if you don't take part in the bread and wine, but it's symbolic. They remind us of God's presence with us, and are tools to sharpen our faith, to me a casual (and maybe young) observer.

Some background: Buddhists/taoists have that shine in their house where their ancestors are supposedly resting, and they commune with them there. Now as for biblical proof that it's possible Saul did get a medium to speak with the dead. However no biblical evidence if talking to the unsaved is possible. But it is also very possible some of their 'gods' and 'idols' are actually demons. Don't know and I sure don't wish to find out. Someone, or some thing, may actually be influencing them, and I don't want them in my house. Being high rise living, the shrine could be right behind my pillow next door.
So maybe it is not so paranoid to place my bible next to my bed eh? Not that it has any power on it's own, not that God will be with me any more or less because of it, but as a reminder to whoever's out there to STAY OUT.
Pretty risky turf for me because many of my family members are taoists, some particularly deep ones in my opinion. Don't have much to do with them (they are near but not that nearby only visit once a year and stuff) but afraid their 'stuff' may rub off on me. Also as for their practices I mainly fear their magic. Translated as 'black magic', it's usually with evil intent, though there are exceptions. They usually involve harming one and benefiting the other, or keeping a spirit/demon around to do their bidding (which sometimes goes the other way around). It's hard to separate stories people make up and superstition from their religious beliefs and that only adds to the uncertainty. Which of these 'curses' 'doctrines' and 'practices' are part of their religion, and which are just Asian traditions and heritage? When Buddhism has been the state religion for so many millenia, the lines get blurred. Every now and then I hear of people getting cursed and stuff, mostly just stories that go round, but sure don't want to be the victim.

And to those of you in the US, you never know, perhaps a wiccan, satanist or other cultist lives next door. Could even be their sacred ground. In this world, you can never know.

I love how you grouped these like things together. Like ground beef and apples. Not that I agree. I would love to debate the points of Calvinism with you, but this is likely not the time or space to do it in.
The only connection I draw is that he is associated with lots of controversial stuff that may or may not be biblical and is the last person I want to come exorcise my house if anything ever pops up.

Lastly, thank God I'm not experiencing any of these at the moment, however can't say me or my immediate family members have not experienced anything in the past. The demons and haunting I fear are more of the idols of the religions of my neighbors. My new place has housed years of students before me, and so far, I haven't experienced anything spooky. May be just coincidence but everything went better/smoother in the house when my Christian articles were up, decorative verses and stuff. Ya know, just to make it look like a Christian home. Still, the previous group were some foreign students from India, and I am a tad worried about their religious practices.
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