How Faction Champs Threat Works


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I thought I would share this thread with everyone because it has really helped the 10-man ToGC I run with deal with this fight.

This thread lays out how the Faction Champs calculate threat.

We got completely stonewalled on Heroic Champs on Friday. After 11 attempts we decided to go do something else. After reading this thread and applying some of the principles therein, we were able to go back the next night and one shot them with no deaths. Knowledge is power!

Because greatest absolute health deficit is one of the factors the Champs look at, we had our tank remove all his armor and put it back on before charging in, starting the fight with about 40% of his health gone. The healers also tried as much as possible not to top him off. We found that the dps for the most part focused on him probably 3/4 of the fight, which made things much more manageable.