Hosting games, Firewalls, etc.


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Hi guys, I was just wondering if y'all knew anything about this game's firewall preferences. I've been having problems hosting games on B-Net with WC3, even though I've tried to comply with Blizzard's recommendations on which firewalls I should turn off. I wonder if DoW's preferences are as stirngent. This would greatly affect my willingness to lay down the smackers, and also, could possibly be the factor that makes me switch to DoW for good.

Glad to see you guys get started strong on such a great game!
Hosting games through a Router or a router with NAT takes a few steps to host a game. First you must find the port forwarding section in your router. Find out which ports need to be open and open them pointing to the computer you are hosting from on the LAN IP address. Then the exceptions have to be allowed on the computer firewall you are hosting on, usually it will automatically be opened if you play the game online already.

An example of this is:
I host aoe2 games.
I go into router and port forward the needed ports to (my LAN Static IP for my computer) and my firewall already has the exceptions on my computer, and i do have NAT filtering on, in my router firewall, but port forwarding gets past NAT filtering.

It can take a few trys to get it to work :)
The ports that need to be open are as follows:



I'm not sure if all of these need to be open for a direct connection type game or if it's just what GameSpy requires. When me and my buddies used to play DoW, I would host and they would connect to my IP and I believe that I would just put my PC in the DMZ.
yeah, those would be it, thats direct play and gamespy ports.

DMZ= not good. That autosenses the ports needed and can leave portals for hackers or spyware as a direct tunnel to your computer. To be safe, just open those ports listed.
Alright guys, that helps a lot and makes complete sense. As you can tell, I'm a complete newb to this. I'm going to need help accessing the router settings. But maybe I can ask around.