Hello everyone! Was sitting at my desk listening to a song and thought that I would log in (thankfully I remembered my password) and see what's going on. Shawn told me that Aion is FTP now, that should bring back some players.

Haven't been gaming since I left. Shawn has tried to get me to play Rift with him but has since given up! LOL.

Hope all of you are doing well.

Bonnie (Sidonia)
Hi Bonnie!

I haven't been playing Aion except for logging in a couple of times when they had free reactivation (prior to going FTP) last month. We got three new members but I don't think they've been on since. I log into my account via the website and just see Nathan playing. Maybe 3.0 will attract more people.

I'm focusing on playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and very much enjoying it. The trolls that were initially in the game and complaining that the game is "broken" have since left. I stopped playing on the servers where the ToJ guilds are located because the population has dropped and many ToJ members are just "casual" players. I started playing on The Harbinger server on the Empire side and joined a guild with 500 members (I'm sure there are a lot of alts!). In fact, that guild is also on the Republic side that also has 500 members. They are slowly kicking inactive alts in order to allow more people in. I've seen between 40 and 70 guild members online each night. It's been nice. It's not a Christian guild but I did see some people celebrating Resurrection Sunday in chat this past weekend. The trolls were pretty civil in response...lol.

I'm thinking of pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2. Pre-purchase starts today and some of the benefits include getting invites to all the beta weekends. I think between SWTOR and GW2, I probably won't be playing Aion much.

It's good to hear from you! Tell Shawn hello.
Hi Bonnie,
How have you been?
I started playing Aion again after Truly Free started.

Just gained a few levels last week, and got my own studio in game :p
Hi Bonnie!

I've missed you and the rest of the legion. I got really busy with tax season and didn't have time to play. Now it's property taxes, but I hope to start playing again soon.

Good to hear from you. Hugs!