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Just passing by, thought of you guys the other day when Kidan added me on Linkedin. I remember the good old days of PC gaming and the great trip over to the USA to meet Tek/Elihu and other great guys.

Its been a good 10 years i think, my life is nothing like what it was then. I hardly game, but when i do its on PS4.

I hope all you guys are doing well. If you want to get in touch then you can reach my email omc DOT sapper AT gmail DOT com.

Peace out.
Rizz! how's my favorite rat doing glad to see you are still kicking at least :)

Rizz! So good to see you, man. :)

Ah, I still remember when you came to visit the US. So much fun. :D

I think some of us still have the Dreamcast fishing video somewhere...

EDIT: Any chance you'd be interested in a Quake Live match some time? I know scheduling a match across the pond would be troublesome, but maybe we could arrange something.
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Hey guys. Thanks for the replies.

I am doing well. Struggling to live in the expensive south of the UK and trying to eek out an existence as a specialist drianage engineer.

Married once, divorced once. Now in a long term relationship.

My PC is old and haggard, i have a PS4 (my only expenditure) which i enjoy from time to time. Add me OMC-SAPPER if you have one.

The OMC bit is a crazy bunch of guys who are 30+ and play on PS3/4, they gave me the new name. Havent gone by Rizz in some time.

Miss all you guys. My christian input/output has dwindled a little since moving south, i do go to a great small church but nowhere near as involved as i was in my ToJ days.

Stay frosty..