Hey guys! Want to help?


Hey guys! I could use some help in getting this dandy little guild going again! We need some more staff! If you feel led to assist in any of these areas, please let me or tek7 know!

(co-leaders) 1-2 co-leaders should do fine.

(recruitment officer) one of these should suffice, although I am not against the idea of this officer having one or two trusted people to delegate some responsibility to!

(officers!) That's right! The bread and butter of the guild law enforcement! I will need atleast 3 officers if I had to guess. So - let me or Tek know!

(event planner) Once again, I do believe one should suffice for this. We will, naturally, in time want to run raids, or just have newbie alt days or some such, and so we will need someone dedicated to setting these times up! With the new wow calender, I imagine it should be fairly simple.

(newbie relations carebears) Okay okay, maybe that title doesn't HAVE to stick! But it would be great to have some wise attendants to guide our new members in any conflicts or questions they may have within our guild, or even, in wow - if the case calls for it!

This is all I can think of for now, and this is all VERRRY subject to change, but still - don't let that frighten you off! Be encouraged to inquire to me or Tek about any outstanding questions or general inquiries to such matters as signing up to be an officer!