Hey brothers and sister, I need some editing help. Plz Read.


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Well first, let me say what a pain it was to register with these forums. It took me about 6 tries to get that image verification correct. Even though I would put it in perfectly it would say that it's not correct. I encourage the admin to redo the image verification and make it more user friendly.

Okay, on a lighter note, I pray all is well for you and your community. So, hello fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, God is good! The reason I'm posting is because I'm asking for your help with Battlefield 2142. Please continue reading on if you know about or play Battlefield 2142. I am a hard-core Christian, gamer, and coder, especially for Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2. For the last year a secret mod has been in development for 2142 that very few people know about. Only a handful of about 500 players have played and experienced this mod but most didn't realize what they were playing.

The mod is called Crazy Ballistics and is 100% completely server side. Only 2 servers are running the beta for this mod. One is donated by EMS gamers (www.EMSGamers.com), also my homepage for the mod since I really don't have a website, and the other server is hosted by the Sir Community - for filming purposes. This mod is finally finished and is ready to be released to the public. So far the private testing has been a great success with one old server (40 slots, averaging around 30 players a day every day). That server is no longer up but has been replaced by EMS gamers. It seems the old people that loved the mod have not been aware of the new server. So now we only average around 4% capacity all day because of the server switch and because we don't have a website.

I am the sole coder of the entire mod and it's been a crazy year. Now that I'm ready to release this to the public I can go and make a promotional video for this mod. I just finished filming with BattleRecorder and I have all the battle recorder files, totaling around 11 Megs, thanks to the Sir Community. They are planning on creating their own video for the mod, however, I am here to ask for another video to be created for this mod. I want a Christian or Christian-friendly version of this mod so that my brothers and sisters can also enjoy this mod without any bad language or music.

So what I'm looking for is a person who is fairly decent at creating 2142 or Battlefield 2 Videos and wants to take a stab at making a great video for this mod. I have all the demo files needed for the mod but I don't have the experience or talent to put it together and make a great video. I thought about just releasing screenshots for the mod, but screenshots don't do justice as this really needs a video to promote the mod.

If you can help or know of anybody who can help then it would be most appreciated. If you're interested then let me know and I'll send you the files. Only ask for these files if you know what to do with them. If you do not know what to do with these files, then please do not request them as I can't help.

I hope somebody steps up and makes an awesome video for this mod! Thanks.
Hi AwesomeATrain, I have played BF 2 since release day, same as 2142/Northern Strike, i as well am a member of the Sir communty but unfortunatley am No good at coding let alone Video making, However I can suggest that until someone steps up, a simple, easy and FREE video maker is Xfire[which you probably already have if not DL here http://www.xfire.com/ ]
The video capture is very good but it makes 1 long video and would probably need to be cut and spliced later, music added and so on, this funtion is still in Beta but I have used it to make UT 3 video's and it is amazing, hope this helps you a little, Good luck with the project and Mod :)