Heroics and Flashpoints


Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
I have designated Tuesdays as Heroic Tuesdays, a day for members to work together to help clear out the heroics from our mission logs. Or to simply get together and enjoy them again and again, if you wish. Thursdays are designated as Flashpoint Days, where we can do the same with the Flashpoints.

Of course, you can do these any time, but these days I hope we will help those who need it to get these great missions accomplished. It's always nice to get together with other members. It is, after all, an MMO. :)

So we are just making some days officially to be conisdered as days to group up. Let's enjoy some fellowship in game.
Heroic Tuesday is tomorrow. Try to get up groups of 4 to help each other get those Heroics done for the gear. :)
We actually tried doing a Flashpoint last night (Cademimu) and failed miserably...lol. I should have taken a screenshot of our dead bodies around the last boss. I'm not sure if we'll try it again Thursday or just do a Heroic. I'd like to do more heroics. They have decent gear and are a bit easier.