Help me find a clan!


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Hey everyone!
Obviously I'm a neophyte here. I've been a clan member of a large clan for some time playing CS:S & TF2 etc etc etc and I've just decided it's time to move on to a join a Christian clan where I have more in common with people. Is the CGA a group of clans or ???
I'm a very experienced player and I'm looking for a clan where I can jump right into L4D(as well as others).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.:)
This is a question better suited for Tek7. However I do know that the Tribe of Judah group on Steam has a TF2 clan that is semi competitive. (I know they scrim with other clans) I don't think we have an actual clan that competes (professionally).

There are several very good Left 4 Dead players as well on here. The best thing to do is go to Tribe of Judah Steam group look through it and add friends.

Every Tues night we play TF2 frpom 9-12 CST. On the Toj Server.

Anyway, Hope that points you into some kind of direction.